The Best Carpenter Bee Trap Review

The Best Carpenter Bee Trap is the name of The Best Bee Brother’s carpenter bee trap – which can make things a little confusing!


We’ll take a look at The Bee Brothers Carpenter Bee Trap, as well as some really good alternatives. Which is best? We’ll find out.


Carpenter Bee Traps


Said to be “the most effective and professional carpenter bee trap solution on the market”, the Bee Brothers trap is at the top of the list as the best trap for carpenter bees.


the best carpenter bee trap non lethal


The Best Carpenter Bee Trap
  • Usability
  • Effectiveness
  • Design
  • Safety
  • Price

Best Carpenter Bee Trap Summary


The Best Bee Brother’s Best Carpenter Bee Trap is a mouthful to say, but it’s so easy and effective to use!

This carpenter bee trap slips tidily into most settings, and is a non-toxic way to trap carpenter bees. It doesn’t involve sprays or pesticides.

The bees are trapped in the receptacle, and you are able to easily empty dead bees when full, or relocate live bees far away from your home.






  • Easy to install
  • Attracts bees
  • Easy to empty
  • Blends in with surroundings
  • Bees cannot escape
  • Non-toxic
  • Low maintenance
  • Cheaper per unit the more you buy
  • 100% money back gaurantee



  • String could be stronger


With a 100% money back guarantee, The Best Bee Brother’s Carpenter Bee Trap is one of the best traps of this kind on the market. It’s affordable, it works well, and it can be a non-lethal way to catch and release carpenter bees.


How does the trap work?


It features upward sloping holes for the bees to enter, leading to a central column within the trap. The bees follow this route and get stuck in the container below.


They fly towards the light, and due to the angle of the holes, there is not a lot of light entering the central column. They will only fly into the sides of the plastic container, and not escape back up the way they entered.


The Bee Brother’s trap features a pull string that allows you to empty out deceased bees, or to release them into another container to be released elsewhere.



the best carpenter bee trap non lethal

✔️ Easy to maintain

✔️ Good at catching carpenter bees

✔️ Made from durable weather resistant products

✔️ Designed after natural bee nesting methods

✔️ Saves you time and money making your own bee traps




This trap is well worth trying out.



Alternative Traps For Carpenter Bees


Here are some alternatives to the Best Bee Brother’s carpenter bee trap.


Mac's LLC Set of 2 Carpenter Bee Traps


best carpenter bee trap


This set of two traps makes it a bit cheaper to set up some traps around the home. It has a different look from the one above, and has a much smaller catchment container, meaning you will need to empty it more frequently.


Features include:

✔️ made to mimic carpenter bee nests

✔️ made in America

✔️ weather resistant

✔️ easy to empty

✔️ keeps bees from burrowing in your house

✔️ 2 units included





CBS Carpenter Bee Traps


the best trap for catching carpenter bees


The CBS trap also has it’s own look to it, and has a stronger chain to attach the trap to your house. It has a decent sized catchment container, but there are complaints about how large the hole is entering it. Some bees may escape from this trap.


Features include:

✔️ attractive to carpenter bee nests

✔️ made in the USA

✔️ made from weather resistant materials

✔️ stores many bees

✔️ easy maintenance

✔️ hangs from a chain





What is the best trap for catching carpenter bees?


I think it’s easy to see that the Best Bee Brother’s Best Carpenter Bee Trap is the winner.


the best carpenter bee trap non lethal


It costs about the same (or cheaper) as other Carpenter Bee traps, while having some much better features:

  • a better container that is very easily emptied without taking everything down
  • a better design
  • more weather resistant
  • a complete money back guarantee




I hope this has helped you to choose the best trap to solve carpenter bee problems. Please leave any comments or questions down below. We’d love to hear how successful (or not) you have been catching carpenter bees around your home.


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